Ah! Eek!

Since Richard Salter linked here from my interview with James Moran, I guess I’d better have some actual content. Oops!

So sorry to those who clicked and caught me here in a blog’s version of a state of undress – I have a lot on my plate, right now, and like so many others I sacrifice my blog first and foremost in the struggle for time-in-which-to-do-things. I’m terribly ashamed of myself, and you can expect a post with 100 iterations of the sentence, “I’VE BEEN A VERY NAUGHTY GIRL,” sometime in the future (at a handily unspecified time that will forever remain there).

So, here are the details, for now. A sort of blogospherical CV, if you will.

I write sci-fi, horror and anything in between. Once upon a not-so-long-ago, a man called Richard Salter added me, on Facebook. I saw that we shared a writer and a publisher in our friends lists and confirmed the add, figuring one can never have too many industry contacts… Right?

And then Richard changed my career. Ever so slightly. First by posting calls for writers to work with him on World’s Collider, a shared-world sci-fi anthology set in the near future and soon to become alt-history (or so we who know what happens hope most fervently!), then by taking a gamble and welcoming me aboard despite my rather astonishing ability to render a summary of any story as boring and lifeless as a clump of forgotten hair in the shower drain.

Oh, and he’s responsible for my following Open Casket Press who have published a short story I had lying around in their Horror Carnival anthology (American link here).

And now, since Richard was short on time, I volunteered to do some interviewing on his behalf for the series of World’s Collider interviews.

Life is sweet, you guys.

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2 Responses to Ah! Eek!

  1. Sorry to point people at your undressed blog. Your talent is definitely worthy of more attention, which is part of the reason I love editing anthologies 🙂

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